Zero Diversion
of Healthcare Funds

Together with our partners, we are committed to helping Africans arrange and pay for quality health care for their loved ones from anywhere in the world.Because the health of your loved ones matters most, DiaspoCare cares.

Why DiaspoCare

Access and Pay for Quality Health Care
Make direct payments to healthcare providers from anywhere in the world for a little as $1.
You will have full visibility into how your funds are used, including the type of medication and services provided to your loved ones. You can approve or decline each payment as desired.
Low Transaction Costs
Send as little as $1 in a single transaction. You will only pay for the medication or healthcare services your loved one receives.
Send as little as $1. You only pay for the medication or service your loved one receives
Quality Care
Our network consists of vetted and licensed healthcare providers offering all services your loved one may need.

How it Works

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Create an Account

Download the DiaspoCare app from Google Play or App Store and create an account.
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Add a Payment Method

Connect a payment method that will be used to pay for healthcare expenses. We accept cards and mobile money.
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Add Your Beneficiaries

Thats It! Begin caring for your loved ones today
Your health is
our number one priority
Everyone deserves the best healthcare,
which is why we are dedicated to providing access to high quality, affordable services.
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Healthcare funds used for the right purposeEnsure that funds sent to pay for healthcare
are not diverted but used only to purchase high quality services.
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I am able to find a pharmacy close to my mother’s house where I can get real medication that works!
- Joyce AyannaDiaspocare Supporter

Who Uses DiaspoCare


Our Key Partners

Some of the many leading organizations we collaborate with
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Ecobank Logo - DiaspoCare Partner
Equity Bank Logo - DiaspoCare Partner
Equity Afia - DiaspoCare Partner
- Reuben Mpola, DiaspoCare Supporter

I am happy to finally track the money I send home for my mother's medication

Download the App
DiaspoCare App on Playstore
DiaspoCare App on App Store
Empowering you to take charge of the funds you send home for medical care Download the app from the play store and app store
DiaspoCare App on Playstore
DiaspoCare App on App Store